Providing You With Stronger Security Policies

So you can have a stronger Business.
Offering comprehensive managed IT security and compliance solutions.

Security Services

Full-Range of Security Services keeping you Assured that your Systems and your Business are always available.

Disaster Recovery

Let us help you keep your business running through any situation.

Our Disaster Recovery services keeping your business always on

Mr Online Support’s Disaster Recovery services are designed to prevent that exact thing from happening to your company. Mr Online Support Disaster Recovery services work alongside our Business Continuity team to provide you with a holistic approach to improving reliability and security throughout your organization and insuring that, if the unthinkable happens, we will have your business back up and running with our scalable disaster recovery solutions.

When disaster strikes, every second that critical applications, systems, or even an entire site are down costs you money. Mr Online Support will create a customized solution based on your service level agreement to deliver the disaster recovery services you need to keep your business operational.

Endpont Security

Our team makes protecting all the end points on your IT environment easy.

Endpoint Security solution that fits your Business’ needs

Mr Online Support’s End Point Security experts help you to secure these various devices and protect them from malicious attacks 24×7 to keep your data and IT assets secure.

We help you to define your end point security weaknesses and work with you to find the right combination of products and services to remediate those vulnerabilities.

Mr Online Support offers a full range of End Point Security solutions, including encryption, anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware that integrate seamlessly with existing OS platforms and user identity stores. We partner with leading vendors to deliver the latest technology solutions with unified management consoles for easy control, comprehensive reporting, and seamless updates.

Vulnerability Assessments

Our team makes protecting all the end points on your IT environment easy.

Our Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Services

Many aspects come into play when it comes to knowing which threats to look for – and where to find them. Our team of Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) has extensive experience in performing risk assessments that help our clients better understand their security posture. We then provide clients with prioritized list of specific remediation tasks that is matched to a business system.

We understand the importance of risk awareness to our clients. Many compliance regulations, such as PCI DSS 6.6 and 11.3, require it. It also provides ongoing evaluation of network and application security that supports HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), FISMA and GLBA/FFIEC compliance efforts. Regardless of your industry or regulatory requirements, our team can help you prevent breaches, reduce the impact of realized breaches, and keep your company’s name from appearing in the spotlight.

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Are you struggling to keep up your Business secure?

A comprehensive IT security strategy is a critical component of the success of any business. With new techniques emerging constantly – defense practices have to be quick to adapt, and know what they are looking for. And some studies show that up to 80% of businesses engage in security practices that no longer work.

At Mr Online Support, our approach to customer’s security concerns is demonstrated in our security framework. Our security team is comprised of seasoned, certified professionals who work to create and document policies, IT architectures and workflows, and increase overall awareness of security needs within a client’s organization. They monitor devices around the clock to ensure that in the event of an incident, control and remediation practices are immediate.

The Better Way: Mr Online Support Managed Security Services

80% of businesses don’t know they have been hacked until they are told by government investigators

Tired of trying keep your business secure and having to front the total cost of in-house security options? There is a better way with Mr Online Support’s Managed Security Solution. Each of our managed security contracts go through intense scrutiny, so that it is ensured our client is getting the support that is best suited to their particular business needs.

With this solution, you get access to our certified experts and our Network Operations Center where we can proactively monitor, track, and update all of the devices on your network. Our Managed Security Solution works in conjunction with our Infrastructure Support team to actively protect your entire IT environment.

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