Cloud Solution Built For Your Evolving Needs

When it comes to Cloud Solutions, all vendors are not the same. There are different models, service level agreements, and limitations.

Cloud Services

Custom cloud solutions built on leading-edge technologies.
Our cloud solutions are built, managed, and maintained 100% by our leading infrastructure experts.

Public Cloud Support

Technology is seen as a key driver of innovation & efficiency. While it is fairly well known that cloud pricing models can save businesses money, there are still hesitations. We provide you with the right tools you need to get the most out of your investment.

Let us Make your Cloud Strategy Simple, Secure and Manageable

We are not a commodity seller. We seek to provide value by providing a comprehensive management system for cloud hosting, infrastructure, monitoring, management, incident management, problem management, multi-tiered support, Live 24×7 Help Desk, security, anti-virus protection and more. These services help you know that your business infrastructure will be tended to, and don’t come with typical public cloud service offerings.

Many large cloud providers are focusing on the needs of a global marketplace. At Mr Online Support, our teams are locally focused on our clients. This allows us to provide the highest level of client service and attention to detail to make sure that our clients are getting the most out of their Cloud solutions. We do our research to make sure that each client is aligned with a cloud strategy that is right for their needs.

Hybrid Cloud Support

Reliability, flexibility, compatibility—all the great benefits available with cloud solutions. But, can you really afford the investment building your own cloud infrastructure would cost? With our hybrid cloud solution, you can optimize balance of cost and performance.

Get the Managed Cloud Partner that is right for your Business

Mr Online Support delivers the most suitable managed hybrid cloud solution that makes sense for your business. This “best-of-both-worlds” solution combines the latest hybrid cloud hosting solutions to deliver superior security, performance, and scalability to your end users. With a security and DevOps approach, we allow companies to build a solution that places their workloads in the security, compliance, cost, and availability that best suits their specific business needs.

Our hybrid cloud solution is delivered these under a single, tiered service management wrap, blending and customizing a wide range of services, providers and platforms. Through this innovative and thorough approach, we ensure your business will have the speed and agility you need to out perform the competition.

Cloud Application Support

Web services have evolved greatly during the past decades of the internet boom, and they have taken over the IT industry. Maintaining a variety of products and services can be time consuming and resource exhausting, even for established IT departments.

Expert Support of your Cloud-based Applications

The challenge of adapting to evolving technologies coupled with rising cost and limited scalability restrict organizations to spend essential time on product enhancement. We understand the complexities involved in managing different cloud applications, so, our IT teams make sure to offer you a seamless support for efficient and secure platform. Our experts provide you a single-source contact to manage and maintain all of your cloud applications.

We focus on priorities by lowering maintenance costs, saving time, minimizing efforts and thus increasing ROI. We thrive on the fact that the services offered are carved out to meet the budget set by our clients. This focus combined with our ability to support your applications across your infrastructure make us the ideal IT support partner for your business.

The cloud support solution that fits your business’ needs

At Mr Online Support, we approach our Managed Services agreements with precision and process. Our practices are built on industry best standards like ITIL so that each ticket, client, user, and device is approached methodically. This ensures that you are getting the best service each and every time.

When it comes to a partner that is going to manage your cloud solution, not all managed service providers are created equal. Do you know what you want a partner to provide you? Have you done your research to know exactly what you are signing up for? Don’t worry! We have done the hard work for you. Contact us to see how Mr Online Support stacks up against the competition!

Are you sure of how secure your Cloud really is?

Single point of contact for your cloud services and support

When it comes to cloud solutions, all vendors are not the same. There are different models, service level agreements, and limitations. Not to mention some IT service providers tell you they are storing your files in their cloud, when really they are outsourcing to a third-party who is not obligated to adhere to your SLA.

At Mr Online Support, our cloud solutions are built, managed, and maintained 100% by our leading infrastructure experts. Our focus is on the performance, security and reliability of our cloud hosting services rather than and building server density to generate higher margins for us. With increased scalability and reliability enabled by the cloud, you can respond faster to changing business needs and demands.

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