Businesses Aren't 9 to 5 Anymore

You don't stop working when the whistle blows. At Mr Online Support, we don't believe your IT should either. We make sure your team is ready for whatever their IT needs are, whenever they need them.

Managed IT Services

From Holistic IT Support to Custom Services, our Managed IT Services are the right choice for organizations of all sizes.

End-User Support

Maintaining your workstations is a full time job. We can support your users and keep your business running.

Get your employees the support they need, when they need it

Keeping your employees up and running – regardless of when they need to work – is critical to the overall productivity of your business. Mr Online Support can serve as your organization’s support center for all end users. Our unique value chain covers the full life cycle of IT services — from the procurement of technology to the configuration, implementation and management of complex environments.

Our support technicians offer the deep expertise in systems and devices that can only come from a team that is constantly learning and training to stay abreast of the latest technologies. We have the knowledge, multi-tiered support structure, and tools to maximize your users’ uptime and security day in and day out. Through advanced remote access tools, we can address end users’ individual issues in real-time – regardless of what application they’re using, what device they’re operating or where they are located.

Infrastructure Support

Our Engineers and support team will monitor and maintain the health of your entire IT network.

End-to-End Support of Your Technology Infrastructure

In today’s business world, speed and agility are essential. Organizations are continually facing challenges in scaling and managing their Information Technology infrastructure while effectively reducing costs. IT system security, availability, and performance are key components for any successful business.

At Mr Online Support, we understand these needs and make sure your technology infrastructure is ready to take your business to the next level. Our US-based IT experts and advanced engineers are certified in the leading network and infrastructure solutions and provide you the right support you need to keep your business moving. Our Remote Monitoring and Management team monitor your solutions around the clock to ensure performance, security, and reliability.

Advanced Support

Need more advanced services than our standard packages? Our advanced option may be right for you!

Our Advanced Managed Services Solutions

Mr Online Support specializes in helping our client’s get the most out of their IT investments by going above and beyond with our support and professional services. Each of our Advanced Managed Services offerings are built to help build the gap between where you are now, and how you imagine your IT operating in the future. Our Advanced Managed Services bridge the gap between projects and ongoing support to be able to help you get your IT infrastructure from A to B.

We understand that getting better processes and technologies in place within your organization does not simply happen overnight. That is why our Advanced Managed Services team is a combination of highly-skilled Program and Project Architects and certified, seasoned engineers. Through our various offerings and solutions, you will receive both immediate and long-term benefits that are centered around providing a more strategic and streamlined approach to your technology investments.

We deliver specifically designed services & solutions for our clients, to cater to their unique business goals

Any IT company can offer you a break-fix solution. But at Mr Online Support, we believe that IT should just work. That is why we proactively manage and monitor your systems 24/7, preventing many technical mishaps from occurring in the first place.

Unlike other companies who have developed a managed service offering out of their already established business plan, Mr Online Support has been doing managed services since the first day our company was in business.

How much does all this cost?

Our cost savings typically calculate to between 75-85% of what you would pay 2 FTEs

Mr Online Support’s managed services teams aren’t single-resources assigned to each client. When you choose our managed IT experts, you get the benefits of our entire team, consisting of a senior executive or director, a technical manager, an architect, one or more engineers and one or more senior analysts. Depending on the service package you buy, you may or may not also have additional dedicated resources on-site.

How much would it cost you if you decided to hire you own application support team to cover all these roles? Probably a lot more than you would pay Mr Online Support. Since our Managed Services team also works for other clients, you get to share the cost with others as well. Our blended hourly costs typically work out to between 75-80% of what you would pay two Full Time Employee (FTE). Furthermore, we offer flexible monthly or annual invoicing with discounts for multi-year contracts.

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